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Learn the functional anatomy of the body
from zero to full understanding of human biomechanics.
Increase the efficiency of work with clients and check for services.
Duration of training 4 months
The course is suitable for beginners and experienced professionals
1000+ people completed the course
Knowledge of anatomy is a necessary skill for the demand and confidence of a specialist
Efficiency and improved customer results

After training, the quality and speed of visual
and palpation diagnostics of a person.

With the help of an understanding of anatomy, you will be able to diagnose a person, Finding the true causes of his health problems.
Safety and no risk

Understanding the anatomy in the first place will help not harm the client.

You will be able to be soberly aware of your actions, see the true causes of problems and understand how to act in non-standard situations.

Preserving the health of the client and its reputation.
High pay and demand

Most body-oriented professionals work with people without a deep understanding of anatomy, and their development is always limited by a lack of knowledge of the functioning of the body, due to which they cannot improve the quality of their services and increase the bill.

You can.

Our courses are popular all over the world
Over 5000 students
Teaching since 2017
After training, students increase the cost of their services by at least 15%
Why an online course format
instead of going to medical school?
We have been conducting offline training for many years in partnership with the Institute of Osteopathy and have taken into account all the disadvantages and
pluses in our online course to make it as high quality as possible.
• A personal curator with a medical education who has completed our course will not leave any of your questions unanswered. Also, the course includes question-answer sessions from Oleg Agape, the founder of the Academy of osteopathic doctor
• Our course is constantly updated and improved. We rely on existing experience, but always take into account new research.
Online course
• Our goal is to give you an applied skill and a clear understanding of functional anatomy without the extra fluff.
• We do not spend money on rent, so the training format allows us to make the cost cheaper. We also have a monthly installment without%, you can pay from 2000 r / month.
• You study at home in your
pace and gain a complete understanding of anatomy in just 4 months.
• No immersion.
The teacher cannot allocate extra time for the student.
• Outdated program. Universities rely on knowledge that is more than 100 years old, forgetting about modern medical discoveries.
• Difficult. Academic language and strict rules that do not allow you to easily explain complex things in simple language.
• Expensive. You can split payments for a maximum of one semester, and even this amount is unbearable for many.
• For a long time. You need to allocate at least a year for training, while constantly spending time on the road and offline presence.
Already during the training, you will have a holistic understanding of the relationship of all processes in the human body: biomechanics, the work of the internal systems of the body (from the gastrointestinal tract to the endocrine), the principles of nervous regulation.
Our goal is to educate anatomy specialists and help them easily integrate this knowledge into practice in order to start earning more and feel more confident.
The advantage of the course is that we consider the entire human body as interconnected, and teach not just the properties and location of muscles / bones / organs, but also their relationships, the principles of visceral therapy, movement biomechanics, craniosacral mechanism,

At the university, each year is devoted to individual elements of the body: first, all the bones are studied separately, then the muscles, then the fascia and organs.

In the course "Functional Anatomy" we consider specific areas of the body and the relationship of organs in them. For example: we take a pelvis and immediately study how muscles, bones, etc. work in it. This allows you to make learning applied and immediately put knowledge into practice.
We give each student attention and time for analysis
his homework
Watch the lesson
Attach abstract
Receive feedback from the curator
Keep learning at your own pace
Special teaching method
Our methodology is based on the latest research in medicine, osteopathy and body-oriented therapy.
We will help to adapt anatomy to practice
any body-oriented specialist and beginner
Yoga teacher
As a result of training, you will receive
Knowledge and understanding of human anatomy from feet to crown
Better customer results
and increased work efficiency
Skill of visual and palpatory diagnostics of clients
Licensed Training Certificate in Anatomy
Strong self-confidence as a specialist
Safety from errors and negative customer reviews
The ability to increase the check for your services and stand out from your colleagues
Understanding how to apply anatomy in practice
Osteopathic self-correction online LLC
35.000₽ / 581$

2 parts of the course are open

Access to the course 8 months

Answers on the learning platform from me and the curator

Access to the Adaptation Lab for 8 months

Block with additional materials (applications, books)

Supporting online broadcasts for 4 months

2 types of certificates (English translation included)

Enrollment in the register of students on the website of the Laboratory of Osteopathy and Adaptation

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You will receive double confirmation of your competencies:
1. Certificate from us
2. State certificate
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